When is The Best Time To Install Green Infrastructure?

At New Earth Solutions, we’re passionate about transforming spaces with green infrastructure. During our years in service, a common question we’ve received is, “When is the best time to install green infrastructure?” The simple answer is: whenever you’re ready! However, the ideal timeframe for your project depends on the specific type of green infrastructure you envision.

Planning for Peak Performance: Outdoor Green Infrastructure

In North America, most outdoor green infrastructure is seasonal – meaning it either gets taken down in the winter months or goes into a period of dormancy. For projects like green roofs, exterior facades, and exterior living walls, a winter planning phase followed by early spring execution is often recommended. This approach allows for thorough planning and material selection during the colder months, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation when the weather warms and plant life flourishes.

Outdoor living wall replanted in the spring

Embracing Every Season: The Versatility of Outdoor Planters

Outdoor planters offer exciting opportunities for seasonal transformations. Fall is the perfect time to design and implement winter planters featuring festive evergreens, colorful berries, and hardy ornamental grasses.

Spring signifies renewal, making it an ideal time to swap winter planters for vibrant spring and summer displays. This allows you to showcase seasonal blooms and foliage, injecting bursts of color into your space.

Late summer presents another opportunity for a refresh; replace fading summer florals with autumnal planters featuring rich hues and textures that echo the changing season.

For a low-maintenance approach, you can also consider planters showcasing evergreen varieties. These plants offer enduring visual interest throughout the year, requiring minimal seasonal changes.

Seasonal planters (winter)

A Timeless Choice: Indoor Green Infrastructure

Indoor living walls and interior planters transcend seasonal limitations. Any time of year is suitable for installation, allowing you to bring the benefits of nature indoors year-round.

At New Earth Solutions, we offer a comprehensive approach to green infrastructure. Whether you envision a sprawling green roof, a captivating indoor living wall or a combination of multiple installations, our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, from initial design consultation to ongoing maintenance. We’ll work with you to determine the perfect time for installation based on your specific project and desired outcome.