Exterior Green Facades

Improve the thermal regulation of your building with a show-stopping exterior green facade.


Green facades are an innovative green solution that involves covering a building exterior with plants to enhance the aesthetic appeal and provide numerous benefits including:

  • Thermal Regulation
  • Stormwater Retention
  • Improved Biodiversity

Thermal regulation

Exterior green facades contribute to improved thermal regulation in buildings by providing a natural insulation layer, reducing heat absorption during warmer months and minimizing heat loss in colder seasons. The living vegetation on the facades acts as a dynamic barrier, enhancing energy efficiency and creating a more sustainable and comfortable indoor environment.

Stormwater retention

Exterior green facades play a crucial role in stormwater management by absorbing and retaining rainwater, thus reducing runoff. The vegetation on these facades act as a natural sponge, absorbing rainfall and slowing its release, which helps prevent soil erosion, alleviates strain on drainage systems, and promotes overall environmental resilience.

Increased Biodiversity

Facades benefit a building directly while also enhancing biodiversity in urban areas at large, as they occupy vertical space and act as a bountiful ecosystem. By introducing pockets of green within the concrete jungle, living facades promote ecological balance and contribute to a more vibrant urban environment.


These dynamic systems are influenced by the climate and sun exposure of a specific location, which are critical factors in determining the appropriate plant selection. The chosen plants, in turn, influence the design and style of the trellis system, which can include horizontal cables, vertical cables, or a combination of both to support the growth and spread of the vegetation.


Green facades are a harmonious blend of architecture and nature, where each type of plant serves a unique purpose, contributing not only to the aesthetic appeal but also to the functional and environmental benefits of the facade

Flowering plants are often incorporated into living facades as they contribute to biodiversity, attracting pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds, and enhancing the ecosystem around the building.

Deciduous plants offer significant advantages in terms of energy efficiency and climate control as they tend to shed their leaves annually which helps with heating and cooling effects.

Evergreen plants retain their leaves throughout the year, offering a constant, dense coverage – excellent for privacy and noise reduction.


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